Purpose of the YWCA of the USA

The YWCA's mission is to eliminate racism and empower women. Programs offered at each local association throughout the United States help to carry out that mission. The organization is dedicated to also promoting justice, peace, dignity and freedom for all.

The YWCA is the largest and most preeminent provider for domestic programs and protective shelters in the United States. They serve over 500,000 women and children. They also are one of the largest providers of child care in the United States with over 350,000 children in its program. They are also members of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, an advocator of gun control.

They also provide facilities, programs and fitness classes to women, in an attempt to empower women. In today's world women are still working extra hard to gain equal rights and be treated with respect and dignity. The YWCA with their programs aid women in recovery from abuse of both physical and emotional kind. The programs are all designed to follow the mission and purpose of the YWCA to eliminate racism and empower women.

A part of the purpose of the YWCA is to aid women in becoming more independent and in order for women to realize that the YWCA offers programs in day care so women can work and become independent. Letting them realize their personal goals and give to their children what they need. There are a number of programs that help women learn new skills that are valuable when they seek employment.

The programs give women basic knowledge of many different fields of work like computer skills and entrepreneurial classes are offered so that women can learn to manage their own business and not only become independent but be their own boss. The YWCA has seen a great need over the last century to eliminate discrimination and racism and through their programs they have helped hundreds and thousands women each year.


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